Do It Yourself Home Geothermal Project

My name is Rick Faszold and this is my DIY geothermal web site.  

This site will help you understand everything that is involved in installing a geothermal system for your home or business.

The costs are a bit dated; but, they are still helpful.  There are plenty of pictures on the site for reference and (full disclosure) contractors were hired where necessary.  

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at at faszoldr@gmail.com.

Project Summary
Electric usage went down 3.5% resulting in minor annual savings since 2008.
Summer electrical usage (June, July, August) went down about 28%.
Winter electrical usage (December, January, February) went up about 65%.

Propane usage went down 100% resulting in significant savings of $2,200 a year since 2008.

The elimination of propane costs help pay for the system in under 5 years.

Last Updated: November 15th, 2017