Do It Yourself Home Geothermal Project

My name is Rick Faszold and this is my DIY geothermal web site.  

I started this DIY 'project' in 2006 by collecting about 75 written pages of geothermal information before starting the project.  At the time, there was very little on the internet about this.   By October of 2008, my system was live and today, there are tons of geothermal sites to learn from.  

If you plan on doing your own project, this site will give you a solid idea of the work and costs involved.  The costs are a bit dated; but, they are still helpful.  There are plenty of pictures on the site for reference and (full disclosure) contractors were hired where necessary.  

Currently, I'm providing a range of cost effective consulting services with the goal of significantly reducing the cost of your system.

Please contact me at faszoldr@gmail.com with your geothermal questions or to discuss more in-depth help with your installation.

Project Summary
Since October 2008, my electric usage went down about 3.5% and my propane bill went down 100% or about $2,200 per year.
Summer electrical usage (June, July, August) went down about 28%.
Winter electrical usage (December, January, February) went up about 65%.

Although the changes in electric usage were a small net decrease, it was the propane bill that allowed the system to pay for itself in under 5 years.

Last Updated: April 8th, 2017